Commercial Photo Gallery

Restaurant with fire damage and SERVPRO equipment running

Commercial Fire Damage Includes Water Loss in Wantage Restaurant

It is not uncommon to find water loss along with fire damage as seen in this Wantage eatery. While fire loss mitigation efforts happen, the techs run air scrubbers to capture airborne soot particles while they clean up the residues and restore the restaurant.

Commercial Water Extraction & Dry-out at Elementary School, in Sparta, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne provided emergency water extraction and dry-out services at this local school after an unexpected flood occurred to prevent the start of fast mold growth. Pictured here is one of the steps in the dry-out process after water extraction.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne Technician Daniel gets a lift to the top of a local building in Newton while he works on a Commercial HVAC/Duct Emergency Services Cleaning call, which was needed due to an interior mold remediation, rebuild, and clean-up.

Emergency Commercial HVAC/Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

Technician works to clean and sanitize a commercial HVAC/Duct System, post construction, due to mold spores that were present in the building before heavily damaged sheet rock was remediated. The mold formed when water leaked into damaged window frame headers.

SERVPRO Sets Up Equipment for HVAC Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne sets up equipment for the cleaning of this commercial HVAC/Duct System, as part of a mold remediation and construction rebuild. Time was of the essence to get this emergency service called handled quickly so that the occupants could safely go back to work in the building.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

Image of our equipment hook up into duct work. We provide both residential and commercial Air Duct and HVAC cleaning services. This includes retail facilities, education facilities, property management, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, food service facilities, and residential homes.

Dry-out to Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Office Space after Water Damage, Sussex County, NJ

Mold will form fast after a water damage if the affected space is not dried out in a timely manner. This is the beginning stages of a commercial emergency water damage ceiling leak which involves content manipulation, water extraction, removal of unsalvageable wet contents, and the setup, placement, and monitoring of drying equipment.

Flood Damage in Commercial Building, Wayne, NJ

Flood Damage in this local large scale Commercial Building left a good amount of standing Category 3 unsanitary black water that affected the structure and building contents. This main warehouse room required content manipulation, the removal of furniture, and debris disposal before and during the wet-vacuuming water extraction process. Once the water was removed SERVPRO of Wayne’s cleaning technicians began the extensive mopping, clean-up, and disinfection of all of the floors and 2 foot wall perimeters, before the set-up and monitoring of the drying equipment could be put in place. SERVPRO of Wayne quickly got this room back to preflood conditions so it could reopen for business.