Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Restoration Work, Wayne, NJ

This image show’s one of SERVPRO of Wayne’s technicians working during part of a commercial mold remediation cleanup inside of the building’s tv showroom. The affected hazardous moldy drywall has already been cut out and disposed of prior to cleaning. A negative air fan/scrubber is being set up within the space as part of one of the mold remediation steps.

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Caused by Severe Roof Leaks After Heavy Rains, Wayne, NJ

A large scale water damage and mold remediation restoration project was organized and performed by SERVPRO of Wayne after an occupied commercial building suffered several heavy roof leaks during rain storms, and a pipe leak. Due to previous water damages, mold had already formed throughout the building. Seen in this image is mold formation inside the building’s tv showroom at the beginning stages of the remediation.

Clean-up of Unexpected Mold Found in a Residential Attic Space, Stockholm, NJ

SERVPRO performed mold remediation work in the 3rd floor space of this residential attic. Heavy cleaning and HEPA-vacuuming of the floor, stud walls, and roof joist systems was thoroughly performed to remediate the mold growth while operating a negative air fan scrubber, with HEPA filtration and negative air exhaust fans, within the space. The affected areas were treated with an antimicrobial agent and 1 coat of an antimicrobial sealer was applied to the stud walls and roof joist system to prevent future mold growth before the rebuild could begin.

Finished Basement Mold Remediation & Rebuild, in North Haledon, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne Technician working on a basement mold remediation project in North Haledon, which required detailed hepa-vacuuming throughout the many stages of this job’s process. A long-term water softener leak caused significant moisture damage throughout this home’s basement. After visible surface mold began forming on interior doors, sheet rock, and molding, an entire basement mold remediation was necessary to ensure the health and safety of the home’s inhabitants. This included some initial demo work to expose the underlying spaces, and an entire rebuild of the affected areas, after the mold was cleaned, eliminated, and sanitized from the structural surfaces.

Drylock Paint Application after Basement Mold Remediation, in Hewitt, NJ

After SERVPRO performed mold remediation in the basement due to previous moisture and storm ground water infiltration through the cinder block foundation walls and windows, Drylock paint was applied to the basement walls to prevent any future water or moisture from re-entering the area due to extreme rain storms. In addition, the customer was also advised to have someone install basement window well covers, use a basement dehumidifier, and repair a broken gutter pipe.

Mold Removal in Tight Crawlspace

SERVPRO of Wayne’s technician Daniel performs work in a tight crawlspace area to clean and treat surface mold that formed on the joists of this residential home. Visit our website link to learn more about our mold removal and mold remediation process:

Attic Rafter Mold Remediation, in West Milford, NJ

This customer was in the process of selling his home when the required home inspection determined that there was suspect mold growth located on the underside of the attic roof sheathing and rafters. The home sale could not move forward until the suspect contaminates were completely removed and proper clearance by an industrial hygienist was passed. SERVPRO of Wayne needed to work fast to get this home sale back on track after the cause of the problem was fixed. This job required extra heavy Hepa-vacuuming and cleaning of the underside of the roof sheathing and attic joist system, along with the application of an anti-microbial agent. As a visual aid/benefit the customer requested that a white colored seal coat be applied. An anti-microbial fog by a ULV wet fogger was done as a last step to ensure that all of the areas were properly treated.

Mold growth from a water damage

Mold growth begins to form from this untreated residential water damage in Hewitt, NJ.

This is all too common.  A family away from home for a few days when a pipe breaks.  

Mold growth can occur in as little as 72 hours from the introduction of a wet or humid environment.